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Tent/Canopy Permit Requirements

  1. Tent permit required when area is in excess of 200 square feet. Canopy permit required in excess of 400 square feet. FEE $135.00. CFC 2007 Edition Chapter 24
  2. 2A10BC Fire extinguisher every 75’ walking distance mounted by the exits so the top of the extinguishers are not more than 4’ from the floor. CFC T-19 319
  3. Tent shall California State Fire Marshal’s seal. CFC T-19 332
  4. Floor coverings, bunting, flammable decorations or effects, including sawdust when used on floors or passageways, shall be made fire retardant in an approved manner. CFC T-19 315 (b)
  5. Smoking shall not be permitted. Approved NO SMOKING signs shall be conspicuously posted. CFC T-19 316
  6. Exits shall be illuminated. CFC 2007 Edition Chapter 24
  7. Exits signs shall be installed at required exit doorways. Internally illuminated when the occupancy load exceeds 300. CFC 2007 Edition Chapter 24
  8. Flammable or combustible liquids and LP-gas shall not be stored in a tent or temporary membrane structure or less than 50 feet from such structure. CFC T-19 324
  9. Weeds and flammable vegetation shall be removed from the area occupied by a tent. Hay, straw, trash and other flammable material shall be stored not less than 30 feet outside of tents. Floor surfaces inside and the grounds adjacent to or within 30 feet outside of tents shall be kept free of clear of combustible waste. CFC T-19 326
  10. Vehicles necessary to the operation of the establishment shall be parked at least twenty feet (20’) from any tent. No other vehicle shall be parked less than one hundred feet (100’) from any tent except vehicles parked on a public street shall park at least twenty feet (20’) from any tent. CFC T-19 312
  11. Fireworks, open flame or any device emitting flame or spark shall not be used in or immediately adjacent to any tent while open to the public. CFC T-19 317
  12. Provide one qualified fire safety person in every tent having a capacity of 500 persons and one additional qualified person for each 1,000 additional persons. They shall be proficient in handling fire extinguishers and equipment and shall be familiar with the fire and panic safety regulations. The individual designated under this section shall meet the approval of the fire authority. CFC T-19 320
Tent/Canopy Permit Application

For questions regarding obtaining a tent/canopy permit, please contact:

Turlock Fire Department
244 N. Broadway
Turlock, CA 95380-5454
(209) 668-5580
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM
Closed daily 12PM - 1PM

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