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Job Descriptions

Animal Services Officer, Sr.


Responsible for the routine day-to-day activity of field services and operation of Animal Control facility, responding to complaints, completing all related forms and reports, disposing of impounded animals as appropriate, conducting investigations into violations of state and local ordinances in an environment, which involves considerable personal contact with the general public. Sensitive to matters related to the care, control and treatment of animals. Additionally, will be responsible for investigating all animal bites, quarantining animals as necessary and planning/coordinating the daily activity of the City license enforcement program.

This classification is assigned to the T.A.P.O. bargaining unit for labor relations purposes and is subject to on-call, standby and call-out assignments, rotating shifts, weekend and holiday assignments.


Animal Control Officer: This is the entry level of the Animal Control Officer series. Positions in this classification perform routine duties required to enforce animal regulations and laws; however, compared to the Senior Animal Control Officer, is not expected to function at the same skill level and will usually exercise less independent discretion and judgment on matters related to work procedures and methods.

Animal Control Officer, Sr.: This is the journey level in the Animal Control Officer series. Positions in this classification are flexibly staffed and are filled by advancement from the Animal Control Officer classification. Appointment to the Senior Animal Control Officer classification requires that the employee be performing the full range of technical duties, lead work responsibilities and meet the qualification standards for the classification. All positions in this classification require the ability to work independently and exercise judgment and initiative.


The Animal Control Officer receives supervision from a Turlock Police Services Division Manager, or as assigned by the Chief of Police.

May exercise general supervision of other division support staff.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Recommend and assist the implementation of goals and objectives; established schedules and methods for effective shelter and field operations; implement policies and procedures.
  • Participate in budget preparation; prepare cost estimates for budget recommendations; monitor and control expenditures as they pertain to shelter and field operations.
  • Attend meetings and respond to related questions and complaints; provide public education regarding animal control.
  • Receive and dispatch complaints and concerns of the public.
  • Investigate reports or complaints of dogs, cats or other animals creating nuisances and take appropriate action; investigate reports of animal abuse.
  • Capture animals by use of snaring equipment, tranquilizer guns and other means of capturing animals as deemed necessary, in accordance with proper safety procedures.
  • Monitor the conditions of animals held in the shelter and of the facility itself to ensure the health and safety of the animals housed in the shelter.
  • Feed and care of animals impounded in the Animal Control Shelter.
  • Inventory and purchase animal foods, supplies and equipment.
  • Enforce City and State animal control laws.
  • Issue citations for violations of animal control ordinances.
  • Check dogs for licenses and issue dog licenses to the public.
  • Explain ordinances to the public relating to the care and keeping of animals.
  • Patrol City streets and roads in an animal control vehicle; search for stray dogs and other domestic animals and livestock.
  • Issues quarantine orders and monitor compliance of the same.
  • Impound and quarantine animals as appropriate.
  • Euthanize animals and dispose as appropriate.
  • Processes rabid animals for the County Health Department.
  • Coordinate and participate in the annual rabies clinics.
  • Prepare and maintain a variety of records and reports.
  • Appear as court witness.
  • Coordinate, supervise and participate in city wide license enforcement canvassing program.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.


Knowledge of:

  • Various breeds of dogs, cats, and other domestic animals, including livestock.
  • Procedures and techniques for dealing with the public in a tactful but firm manner.
  • Basic methods of animal collection and impoundment.
  • Routine care and feeding of domestic animals.
  • Investigative techniques and report writing.

Ability to:

  • Implement the enforcement of animal regulations and supervise division support staff associated with shelter and field operations and license enforcement.
  • Interpret and apply laws and regulations of the City and state related to animal control.
  • Recognize the common symptoms of animal disease.
  • Perform a variety of animal control activities.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Interpret the laws concerning the collection, impound and disposal of stray animals and the control of animal nuisances.
  • Prepare written reports and maintain an efficient record keeping system.
  • Learn appropriate methods to euthanizing domestic animals.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted during the course of work.

In addition to the abilities listed above, the Senior Animal Control Officer shall:

  • Provide training, mentoring, leadership and act as a lead worker to new and/or subordinate animal control and office staff.
  • Prepare division payroll.


Animal Control Officer


High School Diploma or equivalent.


Two years of experience handling animals in a professional work environment (animal shelter or veterinary clinic), working with the public and heavy community involvement.

Desirable Qualifications:

Knowledge of geography of the City of Turlock, including the location and layout of City streets.

Animal Control Officer, Sr.


Highschool diploma or equivalent, supplemented by a minimum of six (6) semester units of college course work in animal science, business administration, criminal justice, or a related field.


Twenty-four months of experience as an Animal Control Officer similar to that of the City of Turlock.

Note: In addition to experience, promotion to the Animal Control Officer, Sr. classification may require a practical test process to demonstrate the ability to perform the full range of technical duties at the journey level.

LICENSE OR CERTIFICATE All listed licenses and certificates must be maintained as a condition of continued employment.

Possession of a valid California Driver's license at the time of appointment.

Possession of a valid Penal Code 832 Certificate (Arrest and Firearms) within six months from date of employment as an Animal Control Officer.

Certificate in Euthanasia within six months from date of employment as an Animal Control Officer.


Maintain the following physical abilities: see well enough to read, write and make observations, operate vehicles, animal control related equipment and snare tools; hear well enough to converse on the radio, telephone and in person; ability to distinguish odors and colors for identification purposes; bodily mobility to walk, bend, stand, crouch or climb for extended periods of time, operate assigned equipment and vehicles and perform manual labor for extended periods; ability to lift necessary equipment, sacks of animal food, and lift and carry animals weighing up to 80 pounds; ability to tolerate extreme fluctuations in temperature while performing essential functions of the job.

    For questions about City employment, please contact:

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