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Roads Program

In January 2022, the City of Turlock approved a professional services agreement with a consultant for the design of the pavement rehabilitation of 15 streets within the City of Turlock. The design of these 15 streets included traffic striping, coordination with utility companies, and handicap access upgrades, specifically, the construction of accessible curb ramps when adjacent to a prepared surface for pedestrian use.

The design was divided into three (3) packages, Package 1 consisting of 13 Streets, and Packages 2 and 3 including 1 street each.

Bid Package 1
20th Century Blvd. East of Golden State Blvd. to Geer Rd. 4
Carrigan St. N. Johnson Rd. to N. Quincy Rd. 1
Corello St. Sierra Vista Dr. to Marlee Dr. 1
Delbon Ave. N. Olive Ave. to Colorado Ave. 1
East Ave. Golden State Blvd. to Daubenberger Rd. (except for the County island) 1
Flower St. N. Soderquist Rd. to N. 1St St. 2
Julian St. N. Soderquist Rd. to N. 1St St. 2
Locust St. Vermont Ave. to W. Main St. 2
Mira Flores Dr. El Paseo St. to Murphy Dr. 1
N. Orange St. W. Main St. to Flower St. 2
Old Vineyard Rd. E. Marshall St. to E. Canal Dr. 1
Park St. N. Soderquist Rd. to N. 1St St. 2
Spruce St. South Ave. to High St. 2
Bid Package 2
Wayside Dr. Geer Rd. to Pioneer Ave 1
Bid Package 3
Forsberg Rd. E. Monte Vista Ave. to E. Christoffersen Pkwy. 3

Construction of Package 2 (Wayside Drive) took place in the late Spring of 2023. During the project on Wayside Dr, design on the other 14 streets continued.

Bid Packages 1 and 3 were advertised for construction bids on March 7, 2023 through the City website and the Turlock Journal. On April 25, 2023, both bids were awarded by City Council to Cal Valley Construction, Inc., of Fresno, CA.

Also, on April 25, 2023, City Council approved Master Agreements and respective Task Orders with three (3) consultants (Mark Thomas & Company, Inc.; Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group; and Siegfried Engineering, Inc.). Under the task orders, these consultants will design groupings of streets in 2023 for construction in 2024.

Council Meeting on April 25th, 2023

Each of the above consultants, as well as their respective street sections, are as follows:

Mark Thomas & Company, Inc.

Street Name From To PCI Length (ft) District
Mission St.
Old Vineyard Rd.
N. Quincy Rd.
20 613.00
Tokay Ave. Old Vineyard Rd. N. Quincy Rd. 21 626.00 1
N. Johnson Rd. Old Vineyard Rd. 31 689.00 1
N. Quincy Rd. E. Marshall St. E. Canal Dr. 0 1,348.00 1
El Capitan Dr. N. Quincy Rd. Murphy Dr. 49 994.00 1
Novo Dr. N. Quincy Rd. 42 682.00 1
N. Johnson Rd. Novo Dr. 27 682.00 1
El Paseo Dr. N. Johnson Rd. 10 564.00 1
N. Berkeley Ave. El Paseo Dr. 5 761.00 1
Kenneth Dr.
N. Berkeley Ave. Edward Dr. 6 456.00 1
Edward Dr. East End 13 171.00 1
El Camino Dr. El Paseo Dr. N. Johnson Rd. 12 515.00 1
N. Johnson Rd. Novo Dr. 18 699.00 1
Novo Dr. N. Quincy Rd. 28 640.00 1
N. Quincy Rd. Murphy Dr. 61 991.00 1
La Linda Ct. El Capitan Dr. El Capitan Dr. 17 485.00 1
N. Quincy Rd. E. Canal Dr. Marie Dr. 3 1,343.00 1
Murphy Dr. E. Canal Dr. Mira Flores Dr. 24 889.00 1
TOTAL LENGTH (FT) 13,148.00

Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group

Street Name




Length (ft)

Lincoln Ave. Geer Rd. Monroe Ave. 14 584.00 1
Monroe Avenue N. Center St. Palm St. 27 771.00 1
Wolfe Ave. N. Center St. N. Palm St. 18 784.00 1
N. Palm St. E. Canal Dr. 22 692.00 1
N. Thor St. Wolfe Ave. Monroe Ave. 22 341.00 1
Monroe Ave. E. Canal Dr. 15 548.00 1
N. Center St. E. Olive Ave. Monroe Ave. 25 1,066.00 1
E. Main St. E. Olive Ave. 43 380.00 1
Myrtle St. Colorado Ave. N. Berkeley Ave. 3 715.00 1
Colorado Ave. Bell St. 26 584.00 1
Colorado Ave. E. Marshall St. E. Canal Dr. 3 1,384.00 1
S. Broadway Ave. B St. D St. 0 915.00 2

Siegfried Engineering, Inc.

Street Name From To PCI Length (ft) District
Columbia Ave. Lander Ave. S. Orange St. 56 1,024.00 2
S. Orange St. S. Beech St. 44 387.00 2
S. Beech St. West Ave. South 25 1,184.00 2
Lane St. High St. Castor St. 0 466.00 2
S. Beech St. W. Main St. Columbia St. 9 364.00 2
Columbia St. South End 16 298.00 2
S. Laurel St. Columbia St. High St. 28 443.00 2
High St. Castor St. 23 456.00 2
Castor St. Vermont Ave. 25 446.00 2
Farr St. W. Main St. Columbia St. 15 348.00 2
Columbia St. High St. 67 462.00 2
High St. Castor St. 45 495.00 2

Each consultant estimates their design plans will be ready for advertisement for construction bids in early February 2024. Pavement rehabilitation is estimated to take place in early Spring of 2024, weather permitting.

This timeline is tentative and subject to change as the design process progresses.

Current Road Pavement Improvements

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