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Tow Rotation Program

The Turlock Police Department has developed the Tow Rotation Program to provide for rapid and efficient removal of vehicles, and to help maintain safety on the roadways and throughout the City of Turlock. The Turlock Police Department coordinates the Public's and the City's tow services through the municipal contract and through communication with the tow companies. This ensures that all tow companies maintain a high level of safety and service to the public.

The Turlock Police Department currently has two rotation lists; regular rotation and abandoned vehicle rotation. Every applicant that is approved for addition to the tow rotation is automatically put on both lists and is expected to maintain a high level of professionalism. The tow truck rotation municipal contract can be found under the Turlock Municipal code section 4-15-101

*All tow companies operating in Turlock must have a permit whether or not they are on the rotation list

No current openings on the Tow Rotation

Requirements for Tow Truck business license and/or Police Tow Rotation:

  1. Copies of:
  2. If a corporation or partnership, must provide:
    • List of all current employees and position titles
    • Copies of valid California Driver's License for all officers, directors/partners, managers, etc. List address and phone numbers for all
  3. All owners / drivers must apply for permits and submit to a Live Scan fingerprint check (need individual applications for each driver/owner)
* Live scans will be by appointment only. All fees must be paid at time of appointment (initial application only)


Once application is accepted and approved by the Turlock Police Department:
  1. Applicant can then receive the Tow Truck Permit from Turlock Police Department. Business license will be issued by The City of Turlock.
  2. Applicant must receive zoning and occupancy inspection approval from the City of Turlock Planning Division (initial application only)

Current Tow Fee Schedule

Daytime Towing (8 A.M. to 5 P.M.)$185 for first hour (minimum), $45 every 15 minutes after first hour (off-road, canal, etc.)
Nighttime, Weekend, Holiday Towing$185 for first hour (minimum), $45 every 15 minutes after first hour (off-road, canal, etc.)
Storage: Inside$50
Storage: Outside$50
Gate Fee: Non-Business Hours$55
Large Vehicle: Class B (GVWR > 26,001)$250 for first hour (minimum), $60 every 15 minutes after first hour (off-road, canal, etc)
Extra Large Vehicle: Class C (GVWR > 33,001)$320 for first hour (minimum), $60 every 15 minutes after first hour up to $600 maximum

* In the event of unusual circumstances and upon approval of Turlock Police Department, extra fees may be charged.

For questions about the tow rotation program, please contact:

Professional Standards/Training
244 N. Broadway
Turlock, CA 95380
(209) 668-5550 ext 6789

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